Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where do I start?

"Shanes" is our name! My name is Jo-Shane, my husband's name is Shane Kanoa, and my son's name is Nixis Shane. We had to give him the name too! I finally decided to create a blog because I really did have such a great year and it was time to keep a record of it! I should've started earlier as Nixis is already 18 months. So, I thought a great way to start would be to share our 2008!

We started the year off by taking one of many trips to the Big Island to visit Grandma and Papa. Nixis was only 7 months!

We were ever so grateful to Kanoa for letting us take a trip and for grandma and papa for watching baby while we made a trip up to maunakea for some fun in the snow with Moses, Sam (my two brothers), Nue (sis-in law), Jahnikki, Kalia, Caius, and Keoni (nieces and newphews).

Next thing we know we were celebrating Nixis' first birthday in June, combined with Kekai's (my brother) vowel renewel at Kakela Beach park. This was for the Jerome's celebration. My brother and his family live in Arizona so we made this party a Hawaiian Honu theme.

Of course then we had to have the Yamauchi celebration also at Kakela. Nixis was lucky enough to have two 1st birthday parties! Both were soooo much fun! This one was a football theme to satisfy dad!

Took another trip to the Big Island in July to celebrate Grandma's birthday. Moses and I had a bake off to see who could make the best looking cake for mom. Not bad considering we had almost nothing to work with and no time. My cake is a "G" by the way, and Moses made a "wen" to complete "Gwen". His frosting was "supposed" to be black...I win!

Then we came home to celebrate Papa's birthday at Tsukiji fish market. All you can eat..we closed the restaurant down! Ha!

Can't forget the church activities. Labor day family fun fest. We were stoked we could go as a family. I missed it last year and this year was the last year the church would be putting it on so I was glad I was able to make it this year.

Nixis got his first hair cut in yet another trip to Hilo. It was horrible. The hairstylist was great, he just wouldn't keep still!

Took Nixis to the Pumpkin patch in October. We tagged along with Zui and Jen. Thank goodness for Zui. He fetched us some great pumpkins for Halloween!

Nixis was a missionary for the Halloween playgroup activity, where we ate, the children paraded in their costumes, and I won a Godiva chocolate gift certificate from a drawing after participating in the playgroup blog!

We always get so excited for Halloween. Nixis can never be just one thing. He was also a samoan chief for the trunk-or-treat at the chapel but then switched back to his missionary constume once it got a little cold! After that we caught up with family in Mililani to check out the trick-or-treating in their neighborhood.

I don't know what I did with the pictures from our early Thanksgiving trip to the Big Island and we didn't take any pictures for Thanksgiving in Laie but it was filled with lots of love and games. We played Tabu and Mormon Mouthful with the sisters. It was a crack up!

December is my favorite time of the year. This is when we actually have the motivation to do sooo much in just one month. This year is even more exciting for us because Nixis is old enough to enjoy the decorations, the lights, the gifts, etc!

We started the Christmas season by taking a stroll to the Visitors center one sunday while in Laie spending time with the family! This year they decorated the Visitors center with a tree from each stake around Oahu. I took a picture of Kanoa and Nixis in the front of the Mililani stake christmas tree. All of the trees were sooo nice!

On my birthday, I woke up to one of Jen's thoughtful signs. She did this for us when we brought Nixis home and I just thought it was the cutest thing.

Had a relaxing day doing things on my own time since I took the day off from work. Walked with Andria, went home to fix dinner then met back up with the Tupolas to check out the Christmas lights in Mililani where Jen and Zui was at Zui's dad's house. Their house looked so cool all decorated!

We celebrated my birthday a day after by walking through waikiki. Waikiki is so nice dressed up for the holidays. Royal Hawaiian Shopping center went through a big renovation this year so it was cool to see the new stores. We ate at the new food court, walked to beach walk to have Red Mango yogurt (soooo good), then strolled back on Kalakaua where Nixis qawked at the gold and silver guys! After that, we drove to Honolulu Hale to see the city lights! It was such a nice evening. Nixis really enjoyed running around!

Christmas finally came and Nixis enjoyed opening his many presents. He opened them at home, then in Laie and he still has some presents waiting for him on the Big Island. He is truly blessed this Christmas with so many toys (I actually had to put some away for later, to help keep some order in the house). We also took our Yamauchi family picture at the temple on Christmas for games and dinner! The year ended with so much love for our family and the wonderful friends we've made in the Waipiolani Ward. At the end of a year such as this one, I am ready for the new year in anticipation for all that Heavenly Father has in store for us in 2009...the good and the bad! I think! Ha!