Thursday, February 19, 2009


Finances were low so Kanoa and I had a very nice dinner in. He did, however make me a very cute Vday card for me. This is sort of becoming a tradition for holidays in our home and I think it's much sweeter than a store bought card because I know he's so last minute but he still gets it done, even if it is 4am in the morning before he leaves to work.

I had some Valentines supplies sitting in the cabinet since we did not use them for the V-day playgroup activity so we decided to make a couple of goodie bags and hand them out to neighbor and friends after dinner.

We made fan bags out of the very inexpensive lunch bags they sell at wallmart (5 for a $1) and put valentine shaped chocolate candies in them (candy molds).
It's funny...Kanoa was worried this Valentines would not be as special being that we didn't have much money to spend on this holiday but it ended being one the best Valentines we had so far! It was fun to make these goodie bags and we had even more fun delivering them to neighbors and friends!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I feel like a crazy head...It's been awhile since my last post and Shawna just reminded me of that today so because Kanoa and Nixis is celebrating Nixis' cousins birthday today in Hau'ula I thought it would a great time to catch up with things that I enjoy! We just finished our third Waipiolani Playgroup activity this year. The first was a girls night, the second a trip to the zoo, and this morning we had a Valentines get-together at my house...although we mainly just sat around and talked story...we did however play with the cricut and made Jen an anniversary card for her husband!

The Zoo was a lot of fun, especially the petting Zoo. It put Nixis straight to sleep in the car! He was pooped after a long day of running around the Zoo!

I just had to take a picture of this salamander was so wierd looking. I've never seen it before...thought it was interesting. It as in the reptile cave displays!

We also had card making night for a Relief Society activity and you know I had to show off the cards I made! I would not be capable of cards like these if someone wasn't there to take me through how to make them step by step!

I have also been working hard this week on putting together our "Great to be 8" activity for Primary. So far I've done all the invitation (with the help of the Cricut). I've chosen to use a matchbook style invite incorporating primary colors (red, yellow, blue), which will be the theme of the party being that we are putting this together a little late so we thought this might be the easiest and at the same time, would still be very nice!

A week after our "Great to be 8" activity we are due for our first quarter primary activity and since I won't be there (I'm taking yet another trip to the Big Island because the airfare is really good now), I told my first counselor that I will make sure she is set and I'm making the invites for that activity too! We are putting together care packages for our local elders serving on missions so I thought it would be cute to make missionary shirts with the invite tucked in the back! The tags say "You're Invited" on top of the The Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints just as it says on a real missionary tag.