Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nixis had a wonderful birthday...well...birthdays. He had one birtdhay in Laie with the family. It was a very small traditional cake and icecream birthday.

We opened gifts...

and sang!
For his 2nd birthday, we took Nixis to Discovery Center. It was sooo much fun!
He went backstage with daddy to run the lights in the theatre.
Also played the role of pig with mommy as a bear and Kalia as a giraffe!
This was a MUST!

After discovery center, we went to the park to eat pizza and an icecream got a little smashed on the way to the park.

We also brought some cardboard to go hill sliding...that was fun too!
At the end of the day...Nixis slept for hours. I think he had fun!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

He's growing way too fast!

Tonight I was making Nixis a coloring wallet (pix to follow) and he was in the room with the daddy watching T.V. when all of sudden he came out to the living room where I was, looked up at me and said, "Good night" and at first, I didn't know what he said so when I didn't pay much attention to what he said, he stood up on his toes and said, "kiss". Gave me a kiss and rushed back to his room to sleep. He's such a big boy...I'm sad! Time for another...??

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's due time!

It's been over a month since my last post...I really need to get better at this so that it's easier to document. So much has happened since...not much picutures taken though.

Sam and Kalia moved in. They stay with us off and on. The company is fun and crazy. Nixis LOVES Kalia. When she is home, I don't see him (even though we are in the same house).

Kanoa and I have been busy working, serving in our callings, and running tons of errands.
Nixis finally went to his first dental appointment back in May. Yes, we are a little late but we had problems with the insurance coverage...he loved their salt water aquarium. That, of course was the highlight of his visit. For mom, it was that he had great teeth with no cavities!

Today, I took Nixis to the Discovery Center and he had a blast! I had to bribe him with a toy in order to get him to leave! We had a lot of fun and will probably take him back for his birthday! He played in the batting cages...
Drove the City Bus...
Worked on a car as a mechanic...
Went to the eye doctor and chose his style eye glasses...
They also had a bank, post office, doctors office, things to learn about the Human body, a library a court house, a newsroom, name it they had everything. It was a fun day!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's family time!

Did I mention we took another trip to the Big Island? Ha-Ha! We had to take advantage of Nixis being a lap child before June! We did a lot but mostly just spent time with family, played in the yard, went bike riding, exercised...ate a lot!!

Nixis had a blast yet again playing in the yard, running around with the kids (especially Caius). He just loves/hates the animals. He loves looking at them...from a distance!

Mom made me cook sweet potato haupia pie, which didn't turn out as well as it normally does but nevertheless it was gone in no time. That desert takes 4 hours to make! Mom also asked for help making a scrap book for NOP to have handy and to show what kind of things a foster child could expect if they were to ever be relocated to mom and dad's home. It was a lot of fun discussing captions for the pictures and taking a lot of action shots! I did not get pix of the book but it turned out pretty good considering I have no experience with scrapbooking!!

For mothers day I helped Moses clean his house for his wife. We took out that horrible book shelf, busted it up, painted it and made really cool shelves for the wall. Then, we purchased a couch cover, a coffee table that dubs as a chest (to hide the childrens' stuff) and some flowers. The house looked made over! My little service project for the week! :) Then, I had mom teach me how to make a snowman out of Ivory snow. She used to make these every year for Christmas and we can't let go of it. It's too much fun and so cute. Plus, it makes the house smell good!

More family...Kekai and family came down and rented the Beach house so Dad, Moses, and Caius came down for the weekend to check it out. It was sooo nice. Dad could finally spend time with his great grand children who recently turned one. They are dolls! Nawai kept hugging Nixis!

We had to get a pix of the two moks around my haole sister!!

Deanna and Aunty Sista spent time at the house too! Always nice to spend time with the mainland family!! Erin, Dee, and I was cruising on the patio looking at the ocean on this beautiful sunday afternoon!

Of course, bar-b-que was on the menu!

The beach house has a hammock outside so we just had to try it! Nixis loves his cousins Caius and Kalia!! It's hard to get hime to what I want when they are around!

After the beach house the family is heading over to the Big Island to spend a week up there...wish another trip was in the budget or on the year, I guess! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

time to catch up's been a long time since I last posted...almost 3 months...busy times! Since our 5th year anniversary Nixis and I took another trip to the Big Island.

It was fun...Sam and his girlfriend, Erin came up and we all drove to Kona to watch Caius and mom's foster boys play rugby. It was soooo exciting!

After the game we took a dip in the beach and had a little rugby game of ourselves. Boys against girls. It was a little gloomy but so nice and warm!

It rained most of the days we were in Hilo but that didn't stop the kids from having fun!

I came home first and Nixis stayed with Grandma and Papa for a few days until they came to honolulu for a doctors appointment. The longest 3 days of our lives. It allowed both Kanoa and I to work without having to worry about getting a sitter.

After grandma and grandpa left...I can't even remember the days until Easter. It's been that crazy busy. I made these baskets for my visiting teaching sisters out of the lunch bags they sell at walmart. They were actually left over from the Valentines bags...gave me another reason to whip out the cricut!!

Then I made these baskets for the Primary teachers and music leaders. It contains a CD with "I know that My Redeemer Lives" on it.

Then...we can't forget the kids! Shawna and I coordinated a last minute Easter Activity for the Primary children. We made felt baskets for all of the children to use for the easter hunt and the paper bags were to hold the eggs they colored. Jade did tatoos and we ate and had lots of fun!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

5 Years!

I can't believe we've been married 5 years! We just had to celebrate...

We dropped Nixis off with Aunty Kahi and we were off to Roys for dinner. It was our first time there. The service was spectacular and the food was delicious!

Kanoa had the butter fish.

And I enjoyed sushi...The Dragon and Panther Roll. I can't tell you all that was in the Dragon sushi but it did have unagi, which I love! The Panther roll had slices of Filet Mignon, salsa and all kind of other additions...the waiter explained it to us but there were just too many things in both rolls. Needless to say they were so yummy!

I also had the ever so safe California Roll...although this one was made with real crab! Then...we just HAD to top dinner off with desert!

Kanoa had the Upside Down Pineapple Cake with caramel gravy accompanied by vanilla bean icecream sitting in a candied waffle cup.

I had what they are known for and my favorite dessert ever...the Chocolate Souflette. It was served next to a smere of raspberry gravy and accompanied by vanilla bean icecream...the same as the Upside Down cake! Yum-my!
We really did enjoy our evening out to celebrate our 5th year of marriage. It was so nice, I can't wait for the next milestone anniversary!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Finances were low so Kanoa and I had a very nice dinner in. He did, however make me a very cute Vday card for me. This is sort of becoming a tradition for holidays in our home and I think it's much sweeter than a store bought card because I know he's so last minute but he still gets it done, even if it is 4am in the morning before he leaves to work.

I had some Valentines supplies sitting in the cabinet since we did not use them for the V-day playgroup activity so we decided to make a couple of goodie bags and hand them out to neighbor and friends after dinner.

We made fan bags out of the very inexpensive lunch bags they sell at wallmart (5 for a $1) and put valentine shaped chocolate candies in them (candy molds).
It's funny...Kanoa was worried this Valentines would not be as special being that we didn't have much money to spend on this holiday but it ended being one the best Valentines we had so far! It was fun to make these goodie bags and we had even more fun delivering them to neighbors and friends!!