Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nixis had a wonderful birthday...well...birthdays. He had one birtdhay in Laie with the family. It was a very small traditional cake and icecream birthday.

We opened gifts...

and sang!
For his 2nd birthday, we took Nixis to Discovery Center. It was sooo much fun!
He went backstage with daddy to run the lights in the theatre.
Also played the role of pig with mommy as a bear and Kalia as a giraffe!
This was a MUST!

After discovery center, we went to the park to eat pizza and an icecream got a little smashed on the way to the park.

We also brought some cardboard to go hill sliding...that was fun too!
At the end of the day...Nixis slept for hours. I think he had fun!


Dee said...

yay I can comment now. This way you know that I am reading your blog which I love!
Mom can comment too!
Nixis is such a cutie I'm glad he had a good birthday, two of them.

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Nixis! We will sure miss you guys. He really is growing up fast--I still remember when you were pregnant!